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Juki-Model 8700

Juki Model 8700 industrial machine is self oiling and capable of sewing 4500 stitches per minute. It has a standard size bobbin (style L) and uses a 16X231 needle. The length of the throat is 11 3/4" long X 5 1/2" high. The machine is set up with a speed controll, sew light and a switch in the handles to stop and start the machine. You may add a laser light to be used to follow the pattern on the table instead of the stylist (which is mounted on the side of the carriage). You may also add a extra set of handles as pictured on the Juki, this allows you to quilt from the needle side of the machine which makes it possible to do outline quilting or custom quilting instead of having to follow the pattern on the table!  Everything that you recieve when purchasing a Juki or Tacsew is listed below.

 Price:  $3,495.00

When purchasing a table model quilter the price quoted for each machine includes:

1-12' Solid wood table with 2 Steel chrome plated tracks
3-12' Steel Poles with canvas fabric
2-Maple Ends with ratchet and pawls
1-Bobbin winder w/motor and switch  (mounted on end of table)
Quart Oil
Pkg. Needles
1- Lg. Roll Dacron 3.3 96" x 27 yds.

1- Thread 12,000 yds., White

3- 12' Quilting Designs (over 400 available)

Approximate space needed to operate quilter is 14' x 8'

We service our machines 100% and supply all parts for the frame and the machines.
Nustyle being one of the first companies to ever sell quilting machines we have had many satisfied customers. Our goal has been that our customers are # 1 and we assist them in everyway possible.
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